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Sleep is a crucial part of life. Not only does it help improve our mood and keep us alert during daily activities, it is also a significant factor in our overall health. At our Sleep Center, we offer a variety of sleep tests that monitor and diagnose the quality of your sleep.

Our sleep tests include:

Each of these tests is painless and completed within a sleep center room, which may look like a hotel room. Our technicians are focused on your comfort and can adjust the temperature of our rooms to your liking.  We also offer a Home Sleep Study for qualifing individuals. This test utilizes portable equipment that can be picked up at our facilities. 

Once test results are complete, our providers will meet with you to review the results and discuss options that will help you get a better night’s rest. Should your test results reveal the need for durable medical equipment (DME) or positive airway pressure (PAP) devices and supplies, our Sleep Center offers several options for you depending on severity. Devices and equipment are available for different forms of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) or central sleep apnea (CSA).  

To learn more about our sleep center and the tests, equipment and devices we offer, please contact us.

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