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June is for the Fellas

1:38 pm Elfp In The News

“Recognizing and preventing men’s health problems is not just a man’s issue. Because of its impact on wives, mothers, daughters, and sisters; men’s health is truly a family issue.” – Congressman Bill Richardson (May 1994) 14 years ago, Congressman Richardson was already discussing the importance of men’s health, and that’s exactly what we’re here to … Continue reading June is for the Fellas

Healthy Mother’s Day Gifts

2:57 pm Elfp In The News

  Let’s face the facts. It’s hard to shop for Mother’s Day. How do you find something that fairly represents your appreciation for such an important figure in your life? Should it be personal? Or do you buy something practical? Well, here’s an idea—why not go with something useful AND meaningful? Like the gift of … Continue reading Healthy Mother’s Day Gifts

A Tune Up for Your Superpowers

4:00 pm Elfp In The News

Impervious to pain, faster than a speeding bullet, and leaping over buildings in a single bound—we’re describing Superman, right? Yes, but the movies don’t have a monopoly on superhuman talents. We’re talking about moms. From healing the bumps and bruises of little ones to juggling demands from all sides, moms have time and again shown … Continue reading A Tune Up for Your Superpowers

Welcome to Allergy Season

7:13 pm Elfp In The News

April showers bring May flowers, which also carry a host of problems. The sea of pesky yellow dust that we suffer through every year (commonly known as pollen) blankets cars, covers our clothing, and finally thickens as we enter into hotter months. To make matters worse, animal dander mixes with pollen to create an allergy … Continue reading Welcome to Allergy Season

ELFP & The Revs are Ready to Score

5:11 pm Elfp In The News

  Eagles Landing Family Practice is proud to be an active member of the community. Whether it’s fostering community through local events, sponsoring small businesses, or celebrating young athletes who are setting an example for others, Eagles Landing is all about the people. So it was an obvious fit when the Georgia Revolution FC and … Continue reading ELFP & The Revs are Ready to Score