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Annual Physicals

7:38 pm Elfp In The News

We are now in March, and the Wellness Trajectory is still in full effect! You’ve probably found your “niche,” whether it be Vinyasa yoga, a brisk jog, or just hitting the gym. The point is, you’re still maintaining that momentum from the new year. But have you paused to get your annual wellness exam yet? … Continue reading Annual Physicals

Hypertension and You

4:13 pm Elfp In The News

Valentine’s Day is right on our heels, so you know what that means! Cards riddled with hearts, chocolate, heart-shaped candies, love songs that mention giving one’s heart away. Hearts, hearts, and more hearts. But what about your heart? Yeah, sure, it’s that time of the year but what about the extra stress from work? Though … Continue reading Hypertension and You

New Year, New You

12:55 am Elfp In The News

They say that health is the greatest wealth we can ever attain. When we’re healthy, other things seem to fall into place. We have more energy, think more clearly, and do everything just a little better. We’re more equipped to prevent sickness, and speed recovery, thanks to a well-functioning defense system. And many of the … Continue reading New Year, New You

5 Tips to a Healthier Holiday Season

10:02 pm Elfp In The News

  The holidays have arrived! That means family time, social gatherings, work events, shopping, budgeting, that winter dance for the kids, decorating Christmas trees, etc. This also means turkeys, hams, cakes, pies, casseroles, and food, more food and did we mention more food? Unfortunately, the holidays also leave room for you to ignore those healthy … Continue reading 5 Tips to a Healthier Holiday Season

The ELFP Holiday Toy Drive

9:22 pm Elfp In The News

  Getting and staying healthy is more than just eliminating disease. It’s much bigger than that. For example, research has proven that happiness, generosity, and health are tightly connected. Higher levels of self-reported happiness are tied to healthier hearts, stronger immune systems, and longer lives. And generosity (giving to others) has been linked to a … Continue reading The ELFP Holiday Toy Drive