Maintenance of wakefulness test.

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A Maintenance of Wakefulness Test, referred to as MWT for short, is a sleep study that is usually done the day after an overnight sleep study, and it takes most of the day. Sensors on your scalp, face, and chin are used to measure when you’re awake and asleep. You sit quietly in a chair in a comfortable position and look straight ahead. Then you simply try to stay awake for a period of time.

A MWT test typically includes four trials lasting about 40 minutes each. If you fall asleep, the technician will wake you after about 90 seconds. There usually are two-hour breaks between trials. During these breaks, you can read, watch television, and keep yourself stimulated and awake. If you’re being tested as a requirement for a transportation or safety-related job, you may need a drug-screening test before an MWT.

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why get a maintenance of wakefulness test at elfp?

Your Comfort Comes First

Each of these tests is painless and completed within a sleep center room, which may look like a hotel room. Our technicians are focused on your comfort and can adjust the temperature of our rooms to your liking.

We also Offer…

…a Home Sleep Study for qualifying individuals. This test utilizes portable equipment that can be picked up at our facilities.

Efficient Assessments

Once test results are complete, our providers will meet with you to review the results and discuss options that will help you get a better night’s rest.



Equipment that Assists

Should your test results reveal the need for durable medical equipment (DME) or positive airway pressure (PAP) devices and supplies, our Sleep Center offers several options for you depending on severity.

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